Girls looking at notebook

Designed to encourage and inspire the children and young people to take part in something creative during the lock down period, the Trust Fostering team recently held their very own poetry competition.

Using the Trust as the theme of inspiration, the young people were encouraged to draw on experience and and write a poem, sonnet or haiku relating to an experience, memory, or a person associated with the Trust.

With some delicious chocolaty prizes being on offer, submissions from the young writers came flowing in, leaving the judges in awe with the talented young individuals and their submissions.

The competition which was open to all ages saw some brilliant entrees and Diane Hall, competition judge commented: “It was great to read all these fantastic poems and to judge this competition. We want to congratulate all the children and young people who entered; we received some outstanding poems. You are all winners in my eyes.”

The winning poem was written by one young girl about her social worker and their amazing trip ice skating. Scoring first place due to its sentiment, the young girl was over the moon to hear she had won.

Fostering Poem 1

In second place the judges were moved by a poem written by another young girl's and her experience of the first day at her new foster home.

Fostering Poem 2

The third place a wonderfully unique Easter poem, the young poet calles ‘the little worm and the chocolate' another fantastic entrée.

Poem 3

A big round of applause to all three finalists who did a wonderful job.

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