Doncaster Children’s Services Trust is calling for experienced social workers to support its ongoing response to provide vitals support for our children, young people and families across the borough.

The Trust are seeking committed individuals to help them continue their journey to ‘outstanding’ as they work with vulnerable people who need a little bit of extra support.

Julie Mepham, Director of Children’s Social Work at the Trust says: “We are looking for social workers who can join our existing dedicated teams and help make a difference to lives of children and families within our community. We appreciate it may be an odd time to move but, with our great technology and friendly teams you will feel part of our journey even if you aren’t able to be in the office.”

The Trust is looking for social workers who have a can-do attitude, are focused on providing the best possible care to deliver a high and caring level of service.

Kate Anderson, Service Manager for the Multi-Agency Access Point (MAAP), Children with Disabilities and Family Group Conference teams who recently joined the Trust during the lockdown period says that over the years she had kept in touch with some colleagues from Doncaster and after hearing many positive things she decided a year ago that she ‘wanted in!’

Kate goes on to say: “So far I have not been disappointed and have had some lovely messages of welcome and have been greeted back into the organisation with virtual open arms!”

The Trust works with its partners to develop wider training opportunities and career progression pathways. Supporting sector-led improvement across the region and developments of new initiatives that raises the standards of the children’s workforce.

The Trust encourages staff to take up a range of training opportunities so they can develop in improvement of understanding of practice and the delivery to help benefit our children and young people and to deliver continuous improvement.

Kim, an Advanced Practitioner in the Trust’s South locality team says: “This is a key strength of the Trust, offering opportunities for you to develop alongside great colleagues and partner agencies.”

At the heart of the organisation is a team of young people who have experienced care – the Chief Executive’s Young Advisors who provide their voice on how services can be improved for the better.

Within the Trust, we focus not only on the child’s voice but what our workers have to say too. Our social workers have a direct voice on how children’s social care operates in Doncaster.

Kim says “senior colleagues are always contactable and approachable and they are visible, often visiting the ofices ensuring staff feel valued and listened to.

I particularly like how the Trust promotes their own Family Group Conferences and the Children’s Advocacy service. There is a real sense that we all working together and that safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility.”

The Trust have created a culture where morale is high, caseloads are manageable and staff feel supported.

Staff at the Trust receive added benefits of extra support through the innovative on hand support and encouraging small teams whereby employees are brought together to support one another and act as an ‘extended family’.

Alison, a Social Worker in the South and East Team commented “I would urge anyone thinking about it to take that leap and join Doncaster Children’s Services Trust. My only regret is not having done it sooner.”

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