Trust launches fifth Mockingbird hub

Foster carers in Doncaster have come together to support children and young people as Trust Fostering launches its next Mockingbird hub. 

Trust Fostering has been running Mockingbird since 2015 as an alternative fostering model that aims to help give foster carers extra support and improves the experiences of children and young people living in care.   

Bringing together up to ten foster families to form a ‘satellite family’ based around a single ‘hub home’. At the centre of a Mockingbird hub is a specially trained experienced foster carer who provides support, understanding and friendship to all those within the group.  

Hub carer Marilyn is the latest recruit to deliver Mockingbird to families in Doncaster. Speaking about the role she said: “My family and I have spent many years caring for children and young people in Doncaster. We’ve always received excellent support through Trust Fostering.  

“The Mockingbird is known for its ability to mimic other birds and this is, to me, what the model is all about; creating that extended caring close-knit family of foster carers. I’m delight to be able to offer support to other foster carers as a Mockingbird Hub carer and creating a loving and nurturing environment for youngsters to grow up in.” 

Belinda Cashman, Head of Service for Placements, said: “We are thrilled to now have five Mockingbird Hubs in Doncaster, supporting over 40 foster families, and helping to offer that stability that an extended family can bring. 

“Relationships are a key part of what makes Mockingbird successful. Our wonderful hub carers provide individual care, support and empower our foster families to be there for each other through the same ups and downs as one another. 

“Marilyn has a huge amount of knowledge, expertise and a great sense of humour which we know will be much welcome by the families within her hubs and our extended family of Trust Fostering carers.” 

Trust Fostering, is part of Doncaster Children’s Services Trust, which delivers services on behalf of Doncaster Council. All Trust Fostering carers receive 24/7 support from expert fostering social workers and extensive training.  

Thinking about fostering? Take the first steps towards changing your and someone else’s life. For more information about fostering or to book your place at the next information event, call us on 0808 129 2600, email or enquire through our website 

Trust Fostering host monthly online information events which are a great way to learn more about what’s involved in becoming a foster before making any decisions. 

The next events will take place on:

  • Wednesday 14 April, from 11am to 12noon and from 7pm to 8pm 
  • Wednesday 12 May, from 11am to 12noon and from 7pm to 8pm 
  • Wednesday 19 May, from 11am to 12noon and from 7pm to 8pm