Parents and carers of young people in Doncaster are being urged to ensure their children are safe when they are online by the borough’s Child Exploitation (CE) Team.

The team is raising awareness of online safety as young people have more time on their hands during the Coronavirus outbreak and the ‘lockdown.’  Information is also available to help parents and carers talk to their child about Coronavirus.

The CE Team is made up of staff from Doncaster Children’s  Services Trust, the NHS and the police.

Jayne Pezzulo, CE team member for Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH), said: “There are some sensible steps young people, parents and carers can take to keep safe online. This includes don’t post your personal information such as your mobile number or address, think before you place a photo online, never share passwords and don’t befriend people you don’t know. Also never meet up with people you’ve met online – you don’t know who they are. Always tell a safe adult if something is worrying you online and report it.”

Matt Sutton, Child Exploitation Service Manager at Doncaster Children’s Services Trust, added: “We know how important it is for young people to stay in touch with their friends during this lockdown period. Mobile phones, ipads and other devices make it really easy for them to do this from the safety of their own home but there are some hidden dangers. It is really important that parents and carers help talk to their children about how to stay safe online, such as not giving away personal information and being careful with so called ‘friends’ online who they may not know.”

There are a range of tips for keeping children safe online and also how to talk to anxious young people about Coronavirus here courtesy of the NSPCC:

There is more information about talking to young people about Coronavirus at

If something happens online to a child that has made them feel unsafe, scared or worried, please report it by visiting:

Anyone worried that a child is in immediate danger should call 999.