Children of all ages in Doncaster, from new born babies to teenagers need the support and stability that foster carers offer. All children are special and unique. Children requiring foster placements are no different and will need someone like you to support them through difficult times. There are lots of reasons why families are unable to look after their children. Children may require care due to illness, family breakdowns or more seriously because a child's welfare is threatened by abuse or neglect. All these children will need the safety, security and reassurance of having somewhere to call home.

Types of fostering

There are many different ways to foster and help a child that can fit into your lifestyle and commitments. All of them come with different challenges and rewards.

Children all have different needs; some will need to live with foster carers for only a few days, whilst others will need to be looked after throughout their childhood until they can live independently. Each type of fostering requires people with different skills, abilities and experiences.

You may already know which type of fostering you would like to offer but if you don’t, we will work with you to help you make the decision that is right for you.

Call our team on 0800 129 2600 or email to find out more about taking your first steps towards fostering.