“Mockingbird is fantastic, brilliant, we wouldn’t be still in fostering now if it wasn’t for our Hub carer and the rest of the mockingbird team. There is always someone to talk to. They have become a part of our family. Love them all.” Satellite carer.

We are proud to be delivering the Mockingbird Family Model. It is an alternative method of delivering foster care. It has the potential to improve placement stability, safety and permanency for children and young people in care, and to improve support for our foster carers.

It brings together up to ten foster families to form a 'satellite foster family'. At the heart of each foster family is a hub home were a  specially recruited and trained foster carer supports over carers within the 'foster family' by offering respite care, social activities or just a familiar friend who is there to offer support and advice. 

We've been running the model in Doncaster since the end of 2015 and have found that it benefits both foster carers and the children. This extended 'foster family' empowers families to support each other and overcome problems before they escalate, and offers children a more positive experience of care.It also builds links with other families important to the children’s care plans and to resources in the wider community. This can provide them with enhanced opportunities to learn, develop and succeed.

What our Trust Foster carers say:

“As NEW Foster Carers we have found the Mockingbird Family Model is indispensable. In April 2015 we had our first placement, a nine year old boy. "A little angel" social services said. We had no background information, even with strong support from our social worker. At times we felt isolated, so when Mockingbird started we were so excited. We felt we all had a strong positive female role model in our lives, a NANNA JAN for 'our boy'. In our own lives neither of us have parents or grandparents, so now we have our EXTENDED FAMILY!”  Satellite carer

“As a hub carer we nurture success, offer unconditional support to both carers and children. We build a warm and caring extended family to belong to, and a valuable friend to make a more positive future together in fostering. We have the best job in the world, building a fostering community. We join as strangers and leave as friends.”  Hub carer

What children in care say: