A poem written by the child of a foster carer.

Each October, we join The Fostering Network to raise awareness of the important role children of foster carers play in a fostering household. The campaign aims to highlight how much they do for children and young people in care and how vital they are to successful fostering.

#GrowingUpFostering what is it like when your parents decide to foster?

As part of #NationalPoetryDay we wanted to share this wonderful poem from Lia, the child of one our foster carers, about her experiences of fostering.

We love it so much we had to share it again!

"It started just the 3 of us, 

Me, my Mum and Dad, 

Then we got in touch with the Trust, 

That put an end to that. 

We got little legs come through the door,

Our house felt so full, 

Toys, baby stuff all over the floor, 

The moments are never dull. 

We have been part of so many lives. 

We care for them so deeply. 

I teach them lots, even high fives, 

I rock them when they are sleepy. 

We get support when times are hard, 

From social workers and others.

I love getting the thank you cards from the fostering team and my fostering brother."

Thank you Lia. 🧡 #SADM