Bev Baines

Bev and Andy have been fostering for the past four-and-a-half years, during which time they have cared for eight children, mainly ranging in age from newborn to two years.

And they have adopted one little girl, who was placed with them as a baby and who is now four-and-a-half.

The couple have three grown up daughters of their own and Bev, a former nursery nurse, said she wanted to go into fostering because she saw a dire need for carers in her professional role.

“I just saw so many children who lived in disadvantaged circumstances who should not be living at home.”

And, she says, she doesn’t for one minute regret her decision to give up her job to concentrate on being a carer. “I would never not do it and it was absolutely the right choice,” she says.

“I just love children and I love being able to give a secure future to those who need a loving home for whatever reason.”

Andy still combines his role as a contact worker with the Trust with being a foster carer but is as equally committed as Bev to his role as a foster carer.

And, thanks to fostering through the Trust, the couple say they get “great support” form their “lovely” supervising social worker.

They both feel rewarded by the changes they can see in the children they care for. “The transformation is just unbelievable, in even a short time,” says Bev. “We are grateful to be able to give a secure future to the children we care for - we wouldn’t change it.”