Julie and david

Julie and David became foster carers in their early fifties, when they opened up their home to a 10-year-old boy and his two younger sisters. The siblings began on a short-term placement, but Julie and David soon accepted them long-term, and will look after them until they are 18 or older.

Julie says: “Our children had grown up but my husband and I felt we weren’t ready to stop parenting and had more to give.”

“Looking back on the day the children arrived two years ago, and seeing the difference in them now, is incredibly rewarding.”

“It shocked me how quickly I fell in love with them and started to feel all those protective parenting feelings! I gave up my job the day they arrived. I’ve never looked back.”

“The children are all completely different characters. They have their challenges and their problems, and it has been a lot of hard work. But it’s been wonderful to see them develop.”

“With Trust Fostering, it’s a community. There’s always someone there for you. Not necessarily the duty officer – the other carers are often all you need to speak to. We’ve even been on holiday with another foster family.”